Meet the Team


Washington, D.C.

Q: How would you describe your personal style Nina?

Hard Question. I find myself always saying “Keep it Cute” and that’s how I would describe my style. I lean towards more tailored and structured looks that are classy with edgy features. I really feel like I have mastered the sexy style of dress without being overly exposed and distasteful.

Q: Nina Who are your celebrity style inspirations?

Ok, disclaimer I am a Kardashian superfan/critic. So with that being said, lately I have been really into Kim and Kylie’s looks. Their stylists do an amazing job of keeping us on our toes, while retaining an overall distinct brand image for each of them. Besides those two, Rihanna and Jlo. It’s all about CONSISTENCY for me and I have literally never ever seen any of these women look bad.

Q: Who are your current favorite high end designers Nina?

Amina Muaddi . I have been salivating over her shoe designs for the last few months. There is not one shoe that she has out that I don’t love! My favorite style are the Begum Glass PVC Pumps. CHANEL. Goes without explaining, the GOAT ( Greatest of all time) Gucci. I know they have put out some pretty controversial and totally missguided pieces within the last few months, butttttt I feel that their items are lighthearted and just super cute all around ( Ashley Graham at the Met Gala)


Atlanta, Georgia

Q: What sparked your love of fashion Maxx?

Fashion gives you the ability to just be you and express yourself creatively. The older I get, the more my style changes and watching the evolution is exciting.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style in two distinctly different ways. For day, I stick to urban street wear but for big events I love tailored suits and themed polished looks. So I bounce between both depending on the occasion.

Q: Who are your celebrity style inspirations?

Celebrity style inspirations I don’t necessarily have one. it’s more like a mash up or combination of ASAP Rocky, Kanye, Travis Scott, ASAP Bari, and Bloody O. I see individual pieces of each and then come up with my own concept.

Q: Who are your current favorite high end designers?

Balenciaga! they can do no wrong in my opinion, Off-White and Fendi are also on my it list right now. But, I don’t discriminate. I see it, I like it, I buy it.

Q: What's your style philosophy?

Do you, be yourself and also don’t be afraid to be bold and stand out. Have fun with it, in every aspect. Fashion is art and art is fashion.