Illicit Fashion


Our goal is to turn your fashion dreams into reality.Whether you’re inspired by celebrity fashion and  runway trends or looking for a new look and don’t know where to start, ILLICIT has you covered. Set up a consultation with us to help pinpoint which of our services is right for you.

What we do and How it Works!

A Single Look – $70.00

This is our most popular package, frequently used by clients who have a special event (ie, parties, birthdays, weddings etc)


  • A consultation with our styling team,
  • 5 head to toe outfit options, and
  • Follow up consultation (only required if first outfit options are not approved)

  DESTINATION LOOK - 150.00   

Going on a weekend getaway or fabulous vacation and want to be photo ready? Going to a work conference and want to bring your best self? This package is for you. We will work with you to develop and day by day fashion guide for your trip that will take the pain out of planning and packing


  • Consultation with our styling team Up to 8 head to toe outfit options or select items as requested
  •  Day to day printed style guide outlining your outfits.

  WARDROBE REFRESH - $250.00   

The Wardrobe refresh is for clients who are looking for a complete or partial fresh start with their current style. You will work closely with your stylist or styling team to shift your look while incorporating some of the old along with a lot of new!


  • Consultation with our styling team where we will get to know you and the goals of the refresh
  • A video consultation where we virtually or physically evaluate core pieces in your closet and make
    recommendations on what to keep, toss or consign.
  • 4 head to toe outfits that personify your new look
    Collection of items (up to 50) for your selection
    30 minute beauty consult *if requested

  BEAUTY REVAMP - $200.00   

This service can be selected exclusively or along with other fashion packages to complete your look. You will be paired with our resident beauty expert who will be with you every step of the way to create a fabulous look including:


  • Consultation to discuss your beauty goals and dreams
  • Pairing you with a perfect hairstyle and hair stylist in your city that will help you achieve this look
  • 45 minutes of virtual or in person makeup/ fashion Q and A and current product use evaluation
  • A recommendation sheet with up to 10 products to incorporate ( product ordering also available)
  • 45 minutes of hands on (virtual or in person) Makeup lessons

Once you have completed our consultation you will be paired with a stylist or stylist team to create custom looks or a collection of pieces that will bring your looks to life. The selections is up to you, let us know what you love.

Remember we are here to help!